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Mystic Poet, Kabir
by Sheikh Saleem Ahmed
from vol. 6, no. 2
posted July 15, 2002

Gulestan Selections
by Sa'adi of Shiraz

from vol. 6, no. 1
posted January 15, 2002

Breeze of Dawn
by Hafez

posted September 1, 2001

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from: Divan-e-Ghazal

Sonnets from
Moulana Shah Maghsoud


The verbal unity comes from the words,
Divine secrets read only to the heart.

Drunkards before the beauty of the Beloved
Secretly talk and guide the lovers.

The light of the beloved rises from the horizon of my heart,
Drink from the cup, you the owners of sight.

Find a pure wine and the party of the drunkard,
As is short lived the flower, feast and beauty of the spring.

Though I am carried shoulder to shoulder like a barrel of wine,
But like the cup of wine, I belong to the house of the winery.

If you long for the face of the Beloved,
Wash your heart from every face, image, and all.

Turn the darkness of heart by the elixir of the people of the secret,
Free yourself from dust and sound to become like pure gold.

I am led to the house of the Pir of the drunkard,
No desires remain to the mosque, church or khaneghag.

Go to the Winery and exchange your robe for a drink of wine,
Despite the arrogant pious, drink like a Sufi.

The way of the people of light is the only guide,
Divine is not found in the traps of the cage.

The life of the solitary of Angha, the Phoenix,
Is the solitude of the Beloved

And there you hear the melody of love announcing,
There is no being except the One.



from Volume 5, Number 4