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Table of Contents
Volume 7, Number 4

Letter from the Editor
by Seyed Ali Kianfar, Ph.D.
Principles of Sufism: Questions of Essential Importance
by Seyedeh Nahid Angha, Ph.D.
Harmony & Understanding
by Hazrat Mir Ghotbeddin Mohammad
Poem from Ghazaliat
Sayings from Amir al Momenin AliMasnavi-e-Manavi
Ethics and Morality: The Spiritual Quest of Tasawouf
by Arife Ellen Hammerle
Bayazid Bastami
from: Tazkerat-al-Olia
The World is Like an Ocean
by Ezzeddin Nassafi, Insan-e-kamel
On Balance, Perfection & Imperfection
by Moulana Shah Maghsoud
Sheikh Najmeddin Kubra
by Ezzeddin Nassafi
The Sema
by Postneshin Jelaluddin Loras
Mevlevi Order, part II
by Atosa Aria Abedini
A Report
Global Ethics: IAS UN Report
by Arife Ellen Hammerle