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The Sufism Journal is a publication
of the International Association of
, a non-profit organization
affiliated with the United Nations.

The various articles presented
here represent the individual
views of their authors. SUFISM
does not imply any gender bias
by the use of feminine or
masculine terms, nouns
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Three Great Reasons for Joining Us!
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1. A World Service.

Why you should support and participate in this humanitarian effort.

A quick look through our webjournal is enough to give you a good sense of the dynamic energy at work at the International Association of Sufism. The IAS is a United Nations non-govermental organization (NGO). As a non-profit organization dedicated to international humanitarian diplomacy, the IAS is active and highly respected both in international interfaith circles and in the worldwide Islamic and Sufi communities. Active in and holding conferences world wide, the IAS community also includes The Institute for Sufi Studies, The Sufi Women Organization, The Sufi Psychology Forum, Sufi Youth International, Sufi Kids, The Prison Project, and The Sufi Music Ensemble, Taneen. Publishing a library of over twenty titles on Sufism and offering gatherings, classes and educational programs year round in locations throughout the world, the IAS comprises a vast community of highly committed, talented people seriously pursuing research in self-knowledge, service to humanity, and the establishment of a worldwide community for dialogue and understanding. Sufism, An Inquiry is the voice of the International Association of Sufism. Like other worldwide non-profit organizations, such as National Geographic, your membership in the IAS and/or subscription to Sufism, An Inquiry is a primary means of supporting the International Association of Sufism and its vast array of programs. In the highly competitive world of publishing today, the existence of a non-profit Humanitarian journal on the market for over fifteen years is a testament of devotion. Your subscription has great meaning and great value. It may seem unlikely that by subscribing, you are performing a humanitarian service, but the IAS believes the great value of this service makes it the most important reason to subscribe.

2. A World Community
How you can share in the commitment and wisdom of friends, thinkers, and teachers worldwide.

Since 1985, Sufism, An Inquiry has been a vessel for the voices of the worldwide Sufi community. Each issue offers a wide variety of contributors providing Sufi perspectives from around the world, as well as incorporating articles on the relationship between Sufism and such diverse subjects as psychology, science, international humanitarian efforts, interfaith dialogue, education, philosophy, and art. Additionally, because the IAS is so active, it is virtually impossible to stay current with all of its programs, except through the journal. A subscription to the journal enables you to visit the Phillipines with the Sufi Women Organization, to attend the Australian Sufi Conference or the United Religions Initiative Conference at Stanford, read about the annual DPI/NGO conference held in New York by the United Nations, as well as learn about the opportunities to participate in programs sponsored by Sufi Youth International, the Sufi Psychology Forum, or the Prison Project. And of course, if you can't be present at the Annual Sufism Symposium put on by the International Association of Sufism, Sufism, An Inquiry will give you a vivid report on this annual reunion in which members of the IAS worldwide come together with scholars, teachers, and seekers to share with each other wisdom, friendship, and a deep commitment to humanity. Each year the IAS becomes a more and more dynamic organization. Sufism, An Inquiryis the primary means of the International Association for building and maintaining the dialogue and research that are the basis for this growth. Subscribe and you are part of this growth of community.

3. A World Resource
What no other journal in the world offers researchers of selfknowledge.

The scholars, sufi practitioners, and teachers who contribute to Sufism, An Inquiry represent the leading voices from an unparalleled geographic and intellectual range, such as, physisists, psychologists, artists, Sufi Masters, medical doctors, and philosophers. Additionally, no other journal provides such accurate translations of important and centuries old Sufi texts, including poetry by the great Sufi poets, such as Rumi and Hafez, as well as the meditations and philosophical texts of masters. Sufi literature today is receiving increased interest in America, but very few indeed of the translators today have experience of the journey and destination of Sufi practice and so often emphasize literal meanings without being able to appreciate or preserve the hidden meanings within the text that serve to confirm and guide the Sufi practitioner in his or her striving and experience of his or her path. Edited by two Sufi Masters, Shah Nazar Seyed Ali Kianfar, Ph. D. and Seyedeh Nahid Angha, Ph.D., Sufism, An Inquiry is a journal like no other, a resource for research in self-knowledge beyond the limitations and barriers of labels, catagories, orthodoxies, that characterize religious and philosophical doctrines. The subject of this journal is instead the human being, the heart within the human being, and within the heart of the human being, his or her relationship to the existence, the creation, the Divine, Allah, God. Seeking to cultivate a deeper direct experience of this relationship and to increase our understanding of the scientific basis, the psychological benefits, and the long tradition of knowledge of this relationship between the heart of the individual and the universe, Sufism, An Inquiry each issue offers a unique opportunity for education, reflection, research and meditation. Subscribe today, and make it all available to you!