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The Eigth Annual
Sufism Symposium:
Celebrating Our
Divine Desire

from vol. 9, no. 2

Women's Interfaith Conference
by Soraya Chase Clow

Sufi Youth
by Seyedeh Sahar Kianfar

UN Report: 52nd Annual
DPI/NGO Conference

by Arife Ellen Hammerle

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Non-profit, UN NGO dedicated to promoting peace, harmony

Annual Sufism Symposium
International, annual gathering of Sufis

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Non-sectarian, non-political human rights organization

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Community of spiritually-minded youth

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Sufi Music and Ritual in Turkey
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Images of major shrines and mosques

Belongings of the Holy Prophet
Photos of the Prophet's possessions in Topkapi Palace, Turkey

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Articles on Sufism
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Prayer times in every major city, worldwide


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Dialogue and research among the people of mind and soul

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Muslim Scientists and Islamic Civilizations
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Islam and Modern Science
Lecture by Seyyid Hossein Nasr

History of Islamic Medicine
Brief synopsis of the history of Islamic sciences

How Islam Influenced Science
Article from the Islamic Herald

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Sufism's Many Paths
Compiled by Dr. Alan Godlas, University of Georgia

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