The Eigth Annual
Sufism Symposium:
Celebrating Our
Divine Desire

from vol. 9, no. 2

Sufi Youth
by Seyedeh Sahar Kianfar

Women's Interfaith Conference
by Soraya Chase Clow

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United Nations Report:
52nd Annual DPI/NGO Conference
Challenges of a Globalized World: Finding New Directions
By Arife Ellen Hammerle

As the Annual Non-Governmental Organization meeting opened for the first of three days of meetings, the representatives for the International Association of Sufism realized the enormous responsibility we have toward humanity. We sat together with thousands of interested people, each sharing a common goal, working together for world peace. All of us are part of a movement of humanity to discover the meaning and value of life. The life we were addressing includes the lives of everyone in the entire world, animals, plants, our planet and the cosmos. Globalization includes all aspects of life. Together we sustain each other and our environment. Together we build bridges of understanding and scientific discovery. Together we co-create a world of peace and harmony. The opening ceremony and presentations set a tone of urgency that we all need to take seriously. We must act in service to create peace, ethics and values before we destroy life and eradicate our planet. This was an awesome moment in time when the vast General Assembly Hall was completely full and a hush grew over the Crowd. It was as if we all realized our requisite and critical role in this vital process of life. We are all inextricably linked together and so through globalization we must work together to effect positive change.

The talks, ceremonies and discussions over the next three days all revealed the complexities involved in human beings sorting our differences and working cooperatively despite them. This meeting provided the International Association of Sufism representatives with a forum in which to address issues concerning the impact of globalization on people throughout the world. The IAS Representatives supported service based on intention that positively moves globalization toward eliminating poverty, preserving cultural diversity, promoting human rights, ending violence against women and children, maintaining environmental and ecological standards, as well as good governance and economic opportunities for all people.

Seyedeh Nahid Angha, Ph. D., the Co-Director of the International Association of Sufism and founder of Sufi Women Organization participated in An Interfaith Celebration of Commitment to the Work of the United Nations to mark the opening of the Conference. Dr. Angha eloquently graced the cathedral with her wisdom and inspiration.Together with leaders and teachers from many spiritual and religious traditions, IAS representatives prayed and celebrated the decade for a culture of peace and nonviolence for the children of the world. This was a beautiful event with a full cathedral inspite of the hurricane.

The entire Conference inspired each of us to consider that we are all united as brothers and sisters of humanity within an international community. We need to reach out and share, help, guide and support each other so that our world becomes a reality of the vision of the process of globalization. Each of us can take responsibility and live in peace when the present coalesces into the harmony of shared wisdom.